Get Your Jerk On !

Paradise Deli & Grill specializes in serving sandwiches with big portions and big taste. If you like your taste buds to go wild with flavor there are several sandwiches you have to try! There is the Paradise  Burger, a fully loaded burger packed with texture and flavor, the Hawaiian Chicken, with its tangy, sweet teriyaki and pineapple, the famous Philly Cheese Steak or the New Orleans favorite, the Muffaletta. However, our best selling sandwich is the Caribbean Jerk Chicken, so loaded with flavor that we offer it on a sandwich, salad, or a wrap. We start by marinating the chicken for 24 hours in a blend of liquids with jerk seasoning, flame charbroiling and basting it until it has a nice color and aroma, and combining it with our best bun, the cheese jalapeno bun, topped with our famous Sunset Sauce. We also use the same method on Caribbean Jerk Shrimp, our Friday special, served on New Orleans french bread, a salad, or a wrap. Both of these offer a mouth load of flavors you are sure to love! So if you haven't tried the Caribbean Jerk Chicken or Shrimp, you owe it to your taste buds to